New Year, New Me!

Well this is my first post of 2014! Sorry I’ve been away for a while, I started school again (yay!) so I’m adjusting to getting back into the swing of homework, and also trying to work my work schedule around it! I have been really struggling for hours at work (curse you walmart and your cutbacks), so now i’m looking elsewhere for either a second job, or just a new job in general! I have been applying to try and get into the place where my mom works, but so far, no luck. 😦

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and let me know what your resolutions are in the comments below! 🙂

One of mine is to not let the little things bother me so much. I am the type of person that if someone has a problem with me, or just some little thing is irritating me, I let it affect my whole mood. I don’t want to be that type of person, so first off I decided to just get rid of all of the negative people in my life. And I am also deciding that I just need to be me, and if they don’t like it, well too bad!

Another resolution is a total cliche, but obviously I want to get back into shape and start being a lot healthier! I really let my eating habits go to the way side last year, and it took a toll on my entire body and mental health. My hips got bigger, which is a given, and just my energy and mood were totally out of whack. About two years ago when I worked out every day, and also watched what I ate constantly, I was in some of the best shape of my life, and I was a more energetic and happy person!

I have started going to the gym! Now mind you, I’ve only gone twice, and today I’m using a rest day because my legs are DYING! I’ll probably do some ab work and maybe some arm stuff too! And then back to the grind tomorrow! My boyfriend Tanner is my workout buddy, and we are also helping each other with our eating habits and for overall motivation! I am so thankful to have him to keep me on track, and I love that we have our special thing together! Even though we don’t see much of each other at the gym, because he has different goals than mine, it is still nice to have my special guy there! 🙂

My last goal (that I can think of anyways) is to blog more often this year! I love blogging, I admire so many people for their blogs and what their work has turn into! I would love to see this blog grow! I want to post more about everything! I also want to grow my fan base, especially with my Facebook page! I have one like on it, and I would definitely like to see more in the upcoming months!

Well this is all for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this some-what rambling blog post, but they will get better over time! 🙂