Glade Winter Collection


Hey Guys!

Well thumbs up for my first post! WOO! I am going to be talking about the Winter Collection room sprays that I picked up from Glade. I got these at Dollar General. I am really confused though as to if they are from last year (2012) or if they are new to this year (2013). The cans say copyright 2012 so I’m wondering if they are just back stock from last year and are only available now at Dollar General. But a few other YouTubers like Brandon from BBW News also was able to pick up Gingerbread Jingle from his Dollar General and apparently there are a few scents limited to select retailers. I guess I am going to have to do some more research! I also hope that the pictures are good quality, I am using my new Samsung Galaxy S4 to take the pictures.

Let me start off with saying that the packaging for this collection is AMAZING. I am one that is all about the packaging and the outer look and design of the product I am buying. This is partially the reason why I gravitate more towards Glade products vs. Febreeze and others. I also have the glade fall 2013 limited edition collection, but that is older news so I won’t post anything on that. Let’s get into the reviews!


The first scent I’m going to talk about is Apple Cinnamon Cheer! The scent description says “Brrr! Wrap those snowy mittens around a mug of steaming cider, and let the fragrance of red apples and spice warm you from head to toe.”

When I smell this…I can definitely smell the cinnamon! There is also a note of apple cider and these two scents are blended together so well! It reminds me of ‘Tis The Season’ from Bath and Body Works for sure! I really love this scent & cannot wait for it to be closer to the holidays so I can start using it!


The next scent I’m going to talk about is Pure Vanilla Joy! The scent description for this says “Nothing says holidays like a fresh-baked batch of frosted cookies. Let the uplifting scent of pure, creamy vanilla keep you in the spirit all season long.”

I really love this! It is definitely a pure vanilla scent. It is different from like a warm vanilla sugar scent which you can find at BBW, and it definitely reminds me of baked goods during the holidays!


Now let’s look at Sparkling Spruce! The scent description says “Gather round- it’s time! The crisp fragrance of fresh-cut pine is pure holiday magic at any age, evoking the wide-eyed wander of a thousand twinkling lights.”

This is definitely a pine scent, like when you bring home that fresh christmas tree from the farm! I’m not too fond of this I may give this one away to someone. It kind of has a stale pee smell (that’s a weird description) which definitely is what is turning me off. It reminds me of Fall Hayride from the 2013 Fall Collection and that is the one that I did not pick up. Wish this would’ve been more holiday-esque but oh well!


The last scent I’m going to talk about is Frosted Berry Kiss! The scent description reads “Holiday magic is in the air! With ripe red berries and fresh green garlands, this festive fragrance captures the excitement of a kiss under the mistletoe.”

Okay, I love this scent! You can get the ripe berry note along with a very subtle note from the garlands. This is probably my second favorite out of the four that I purchased! This one you definitely should pick up because it is very festive! It almost makes me wish it was snowing and I was sitting by a christmas tree with hot cocoa and christmas music playing! 🙂

So all in all these are amazing products with GREAT scent throw! These were the only four that were available at my Dollar General, and perhaps there are more out there! I only paid $2.00 for the Pure Vanilla Joy, Frosted Berry Kiss, and Apple Cinnamon Cheer and then the Sparkling Spruce was $3.00 which is not a horrible deal at all! They also come in candles, automatic room spray refills, and wax cubes! I would rank them in order from favorite to least as:

-Apple Cinnamon Cheer

-Frosted Berry Kiss

-Pure Vanilla Joy

-Sparkling Spruce

As far as more scents from this collection, people are saying there are more so I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for those and I will keep you guys updated! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! See you next time!

XOXO, Kayla