Where Have I Been?!?!

Holy cow it has been a REALLY long time since I’ve posted on here. As I said in my last post, I started school, which means that I got busy. Life got in the way, and I kind of just *forgot* about my blog. Shame on me! *insert slap on hand here* 

Well now i’m back, and I’m going to be posting more regularly! 🙂 I am on summer break and just going to be working, so I can dedicate my time to this blog and my YouTube channel! If you haven’t subscribed already, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFdY3gWO4a7_nyRqf4iBNyw (shameless plug; I know)

So what else has been going on? Let me catch you up! The whole gym and eating healthy thing that I talked about in my last post — yeah that kind of went to the wayside after spring break. Tanner and I both came down with horrible colds, and decided to take a break for a while. That eventually led to us just not going anymore. BUT it is now summer time, which means more free time — which means I can start running every day again! I’m thinking about signing up for AdvoCare, since I’ve been watching Marissa Lace on YouTube and following her on Instagram & Twitter, I contacted her about it, and it seems very appealing, especially for my lifestyle! 🙂

I want to take this blog to another level! I want to do regular postings like I was, plus more! I have been teaching myself to cook (because I’ve faced it, my mother is not going to teach me) — so I want to post some recipes on here! Also, I want to do more beauty related posts as well! I have really been growing my makeup collection, and I want to improve my skills and make quality videos/blog posts! I also signed up for IPSY, and my first glam bag should be arriving this week! 🙂 I’m so excited!

I also got a new puppy named Bailey! She’s not exactly a puppy, but to us, she is. She is a 5-year-old white lab, that my mom found in Minnesota! We are currently fostering her at the moment, but we have decided that we are going to keep her! She was found as a stray, and we believe that she had recently been pregnant. She has a lot of skin hanging from her belly, and you can see that she is still recovering. We think that someone may have stolen(?) or just kept her puppies and then dumped her on the road. Which is so upsetting! So now she is in our home, and she is comfortable and happy! My other two dogs are getting used to her, but our little dachsund Emma, is still really territorial around her. Cuddles my cat, just plain doesn’t like any dogs, so he hides in the basement. We also had to put down our other cat Oreo a couple months back, due to failing kidneys. Bailey just became a permanent member of our family, and I couldn’t be more excited! 🙂


Anywho, not much else has been going on, but you guys will definitely be seeing/hearing more from me soon! 🙂





What’s On My Nails: November 2013

The fall and winter time are my favorite seasons when it comes to nail color. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright colors you usually put on your nails during the spring and summer, but there is just something about the darker fall and holiday colors that just draw me in! I am going to be sharing with you the polishes that I wore on my fingernails and one color I wore on my toes!


I have always used the same base and top coat since I started really getting into nail care, and these products are staples in my everyday nail polish collection! The top coat that I use is by L’Oreal and is called ‘One stop Base’. This is a very nice base coat and it really helps the polish that I choose stick to the nail and not chip so quickly. The top coat that I use is by Sally Hansen and it is the ‘Anti-Chip Top Coat’. I’ve been using this top coat for quite some time and I can say that I like this better than the OPI top coat that comes in the mini gift sets you can buy. With the work that I do in my current job, this combo really helps my nail polish last!


The first polish i’ll talk about is the polish I painted on my toes which is by Revlon. This polish is number 660 and is named ‘Divine’. This is a gorgeous deep red polish. This was part of their fall collection I believe, and when I saw this on the shelf I knew I just had to have it! And Revlon polishes are fairly affordable, so I could justify the purchase 🙂 This polish went beautifully onto my toenails and is still on there with little to no wear off! I will definitely be using this on my nails in the upcoming months!


Now i’m going to talk about the first polish that I wore on my nails this month. This is another Revlon polish, and this one is number 220 ‘Rainforest’. This is a colorstay polish and let me tell you that it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I was on the hunt for a forest/hunter green colored polish for a while and when I saw this I immediately knew this was the one! This is a beautiful forest green with yellow shimmers in it. I am absolutely in love with this polish.


For my next polish combo I used OPI’s ‘Decades of Shades’ which is a basic milky brown, and then on top of that I layered OPI’s ‘Warm and Fozzie’ from the Muppets collection. This combo wasn’t my favorite of the month, but it was a different color combination that I had never tried before! I may go back to the Warm and Fozzie polish soon!


My next combo contained the classic style of the ‘Accent Nail’. I used Orly’s ‘Rage’ for the accent nail. A lot of people have this polish in their collection and I don’t blame them! This is the most beautiful rose gold nail polish I have ever laid eyes on. When I saw people rave about it on YouTube and then I saw it in stores, I knew it would be mine. Paired with this polish I have Avon’s ‘Berry Bliss’ which is a beautiful deep berry color. This is a perfect polish for the holidays so I know I will be turning to this polish again before the end of the season.


The last polish i’m going to share is called ‘Haze of Love’ and it is by Wet n’ Wild Megalast. This is another berry color but this is more of a pinky toned berry with a small grey undertone. Although when I put it on my nails it came out much darker, I still really love this polish. The brush is kind of hard to work with but overall I am very pleased with this polish, especially due to how cheap this was.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it gave you some ideas for new polishes to pick up. Cause what girl has enough polishes already?! I know I sure don’t! 😉