Glade Holiday 2013 Update!

Hey all! 🙂

I am back with a small update for you all! So..the collection that I reviewed in my last post is the holiday collection for this year! It has recently been released on the Glade website and in retailers nationwide! There are the main scents which are the ones I reviewed previously Those are..Sparkling Spruce, Frosted Berry Kiss, Apple Cinnamon Cider, and Pure Vanilla Bliss. There are also three scents that are limited to select retailers only! The first one is Merry Maple Morning which is exclusive to Walmart. This one I was able to find! The other two, which I have been unsuccessful in finding are Sweet Treats (I hope i’m getting these names right), and there is also a Gingerbread scent as well. I went to my local Target and I think they were getting ready to set the new products because even the fall scents were emptied out. I went to Kmart and they only had the four main scents. I’m not sure where else to find them! Brandon from YT found his gingerbread one at Dollar General and I went there but was unsuccessful in finding them! So if you guys find those two scents let me know where you found them! I am seriously on a HUNT! I want to review the Merry Maple Morning but I want to wait until I find the other two so that it can be a worth reading post! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this rambly, random post!


Kayla ❤