Target Haulage! :)

Hey guys!

First off, Happy November! This year has flown by freaky fast! It’s almost the end of the year, and for me, that means my favorite time of the year is here! I absolutely love everything about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and literally would leave my house decorated for it all year if I could! 

Also I would like to address, I know the title of this blog is Bath and Body Works Obsessed…but I have yet to do any posts about BBW themselves! I just haven’t really had time or money to buy or look at things from BBW! I am hoping around Black Friday or even before I can pick up some candles or soaps and accessories! 

But let’s get on with this haul! I am thinking about making a short video for my YT channel as well but that is a work in progress! 

So I ran out to Target after watching a few people’s hauls on YouTube because there are so AMAZING products out there that are limited edition for the holidays! I am a total sucker for anything related to Christmas, so naturally I bought a lot of things that I did not need. 



So as you can see…100% of this stuff I did not need to buy! But I at least was planning on buying the Glade air freshener because as you guys know from my last few posts, I had been looking to complete the collection of the room fresheners! Quick update on that, I have now found all of the scents except for the Frosted Gingerbread. I have gone to my Dollar General several times and there has not been any restock on their Glade section. I asked the SA and she just looked at me dumbfounded like she had no idea what I was talking about. So I am thinking unless I can find another DG near my area that I probably will be missing out on the gingerbread air freshener 😦 



So the first item I have to show you are the new *limited edition* Lays Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate! Chocolate covered potato chips have been a cult favorite in my family for many years, but when I saw that these were coming out I thought I may as well try them! Well, honestly there is nothing super special about them compared to homemade ones that I can make in my own kitchen. However they are still good! Just not worth the $3.49 that I paid for them! 


The next items I have are m&ms! These are two of the limited edition holiday flavors, and I also believe there is a gingerbread one that is available only at Walmart. I love anything peppermint, and limited edition so I had to pick up a bag of each! Who knows, I may end up going back for a few more! I still have three unopened bags of pumpkin spice m&ms from the fall season because I love them so much! 


The next things I picked up were these three lotions by Spa Perfect! I found these out because I watched Brandon’s haul on YouTube and he was talking about these! They were in the dollar section which is AMAZING! The first one that I am going to review quickly is the Visions of Sugar Plums (pink packaging). This one is very very subtle, almost to a point where I can’t smell anything at all! But I am sick at the moment, so once everything clears up I will be re-smelling these again! The next one is Twisted Peppermint (red packaging), and this one smells almost identical to the BBW version, but with a lesser note of vanilla. These are kind of cross between a lotion and a body cream to me. They aren’t super thick but they aren’t super thin either, so they will moisturize your hands well! And for $1 you can’t complain! 🙂 The last one is Vanilla Sugar Cookie (blue packaging). This one is a very bakery type scent. I smell more sugary sweet notes than I do vanilla. So this is definitely different than something like Vanilla Bean Noel from BBW. Overall I am actually very impressed with these, for them being only $1, but I will be sticking to my BBW TMC’s for moisturzing the entire body. 


The last thing I have to talk about, is the item i’m most excited about! I have gone to Target about 4 times since the holiday collection for Glade was announced, because Walmart had theirs out right away, so I figured Target would be on the ball as well. Well today I FINALLY got my hands on Sweet Holiday Treats. The scent description reads “Indulge in the irresistible scent of rich cocoa, toasted nuts and creamy caramel from those special holiday treats”. This scent is AMAZING! I am seriously blown away by how good this smells. I sprayed it in my kitchen, and I can definitely smell the notes of caramel and cocoa! It smells like someone has been baking goodies all day, and it just really gives a pleasant aroma in the air. I am so happy that I kept my patience and just waited for the floor to be set so that I could get my hands on this scent! 


So that is everything that I picked up at Target today! There were so many other holiday related items like food and decor, just I can’t even wait until my next paycheck because I will be going HAM! And now that I moved into my own house, I can decorate however I want 🙂 

Until next time, 

XOXO Kayla